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Lydia’s Past Life Healing

Lydia was a quiet, reserved, British woman who came into my countryside practice in Greenwich, Connecticut, one quiet afternoon. Her friend, Martha, referred Lydia to me because of a recurring problem with her low back. She had a pronounced pain on her lower right side, right at the top of her pelvis.

The pain was unusual because she said it felt perfectly round and felt like someone was pressing something into her low back. At our office, we have a standard protocol for back pain, which is a special series of movements, part of the MyBodyzBetter Programs, which were recently made available on the internet.

Lydia absolutely loved the movements and together we were able to make her lower back pain go away, but unlike most people, whose back pain cures were permanent, Lydia’s would always return within two to three days. They would come with disturbing dreams, which she said felt sexual, but she could not remember in detail.

She asked if she could try talk therapy and we began to schedule regular weekly sessions. As we talked, there did not seem to be anything particularly troubling in her past. Her parents had remained married for over forty years, and her father had recently passed away after a short illness at the ripe old age of eighty five.

We explored a possible connection to her father or his death, but nothing of note came up during our talks. There did seem to be something she was hiding, but she claimed it could not have anything to do with this pain.

After some discussion, she and I decided to use hypnosis to see if we could help her to remember the dreams and possibly find the ‘core event,’ the origin of her persistent pain. We scheduled her session as my final appointment on Friday, the following week.

Cause of Back Pain

Most back pain is caused by poor posture, which is in turned caused by “tight and weak muscles.” In my work as a psychotherapist and clinical hypnotherapist, and developing theories in how the brain controls the body, I had begun to understand that a “tight muscle” was caused by an emotionally charged event. This could be an accident, like a fall or a broken bone, but it could also come from something frightening and in some cases sexual molestation.

Up to now, most treatment for back pain focused on stretching tight muscles, like the muscles were in some way independent of the brain. I reasoned if stretching worked, we would never see an Olympic sprinter grabbing their hamstring halfway through a very short race. Obviously, they all stretch and have professional trainers to teach them to stretch. These sprinters had their hamstring muscles, which are designed to “thrust” and push the body forward, turning on during the “reach” when they were bringing the leg forward.

This problem was one of timing and the firing of the muscles, ALL of which is controlled by your brain. In short:

Your Brain Controls Your Body.

So where did these tight and weak muscles come from. I felt they must be emotional events, something the brain felt was dangerous, and needed to protect itself from in the future.

In psychotherapy, we look at dreams to see if we can find hidden or suppressed emotional events. Many clients have powerful dreams, dreams they are sure they will remember the next day, but after falling asleep again, those vivid images and gripping emotions are lost in a haze upon waking the following day. Many could scribble a quick note when half awake and the following day, these words could trigger memories, some often quite vivid and as clear as they were in the lost dream. I thought I would find something like this with Lydia. I was not at all prepared for what we did find.

When Lydia arrived the following Friday, she seemed her normal bubbly self, though she was dressed quite differently than I was used to. Normally, she favored flowery prints and wore either sundresses or pleated miniskirts. She was dressed in a pale pink cardigan, and a starched, white blouse with a high frilled collar. The pleated tweed skirt and sensible walking shoes almost gave one the impression she had stepped right out of the Victorian Era.

I asked about dreams and how her week had been. She said she was still having the dreams and would wake with this very localized back pain. It never moved, nor change shape. It was located about two inches to the right of her spine right at the line of her upper pelvic bone.

Decision to use Hypnotherapy

Lydia was an excellent hypnotherapeutic subject. She went into trance quickly and responded to a deepening of her trance. I began to take her back through her life. With many of my clients, we will find some incident, like falling out of a tree, or being in a car accident. Once we process these events as adults, the recurring back problem goes away.

In Lydia’s case, I kept taking her back and back. Normally, these events happen between the ages of four and nine. Most people do not remember much before age three, but I have had a few who remembered things as a baby, but the memories are vague and confused. These were often men who remembered being circumcised shortly after birth.

With Lydia, we had reached just near the age of two. Her memories of things were becoming quite vague and jumbled. She remembered cake and a balloon that popped, but it certainly was not the event we were looking for. I was feeling sure I must have missed the event and was working on how I could take her back to near the age of twenty and go backwards again, but while I was thinking, I casually said, “So, just go back further, go back to the time when something was pressing into your back.”

Unexpected Event

Suddenly, Lydia’s voice changed. She no longer sounded like Lydia, who’d grown up in Blackpool and though educated in good finishing schools had some of the distinct vowels of the middle districts of England. The woman speaking now was very well brought up, clearly an upper class voice from a more southern district of England. She was whimpering and begging someone to “Please, stop. Please, let me go. I beg you. I promise I won’t tell anyone. Please.”

This pleading when on for some minutes and honestly I was sitting there trying to understand what I was hearing. It sounded like a young woman re-experiencing being raped or molested, but it was very clearly not Lydia. So who was it?

I asked Lydia where she was and all she could answer was, “In his tent.” When I asked whose tent, she said, “The Sheik. I do not know how to say his name properly. I just call him The Sheik.” I asked where the tent was and she replied, “I do not know. In the desert, somewhere in the desert. Oh God, please help me! Help them find me. They must find me before he....”, then she whimpered in the most pitiful manner. She threw her arms up and wide apart, she looked like she was helplessly bound and writhing in pain. Her cries and moans went on for a few minutes.

Shocking Source of Her Pain

As I began to question her and she answered, the picture became clearer. She described being tied to a large wagon wheel and the hub was pressed into her back, a round hub pressed right where Lydia felt her pain. She was tied nude to the wheel and The Sheik was whipping her, demanding she give herself to him, demanding she agree to be his love slave for life.

He would whip her breasts and belly, then fondle and caress her sex, until she was beside herself with an aching need, she did not fully understand. As the whipping and the caresses continued, it was clear Lydia was becoming more and more sexually excited.

She confessed to me, she had been attracted to him. She distinctly remembered him at the few parties he’d attended, but her father referred to him as a jumped up sand monkey. Plans were for Lydia to return to England in two months time to attend to a London Season, become engaged and wed.

She, as sexually attracted as she was to this swarthy, handsome, desert sheik, she knew her destiny was to marry well, raise children and be part of proper English society.

Her Sexual Surrender

The Sheik had other plans and over the next two days, with a combination of whipping, then kissing and caressing her, he broke her will. She surrendered to him and even begged him to take her. For the next month, she was indeed his eager and willing sex slave. She doted on him, she even brought him his whip and begged for him to use it on her, to remind her of his ‘courtship and seduction.’

Often she would even beg to have him tie her to The Wheel and whip her furiously before making passionate love to her deep into the dark desert night.

Incomplete Event Carried into Her Current Life

I was stunned. Over and over, I walked her through each step, her abduction, her being stripped nude and bound to the frightful wheel. She described in ever growing detail his whipping and caressing her body, he surrender and even how he demanded she beg him to take her. She talked of their lovemaking, her addiction to the whip and him treating her cruelly. She told it all up through her rescue, though she did not honestly feel she was rescued, she thought she had been torn from the love of her life. The Sheik was captured and brutally executed, while Lydia was promptly returned to England, with the entire incident suppressed.

When she came out the first time, she seemed quite quiet. She said, she felt better, but said she felt somehow disturbed. She asked if I thought what she had seen was real, or was it just something she made up, or read about in some school book or penny dreadful she’d read at school. Apparently, at the very exclusive finishing school she attended in Switzerland, the girls had a collection of rather racy stories, but she was sure this was not one of them.

I felt as if I’d been dragged behind a horse. It was nearly eight o’clock and we’d been working for three hours. Mentally, I was reeling.

Her Secret Revealed

We scheduled more sessions and were able to take her back to the incident and process it completely. When she woke from the last session, she looked very subdued. Looking down at the floor and unable to meet my eyes, she confessed to having gone with a number of “rough men who would tie her up, whip her and then have rough and forceful sex with her.” On a few occasions there was more than one man, a few times as many as a dozen. She told me her husband was not aware of this “need” of hers. She mentioned how she felt compelled. That when she was being used like this she felt the most alive of her life.

My Shocking Discovery

I gathered my notes and went over them. I had the woman’s name, her father, his position and the dates she lived ‘in the desert.’ About two months later, while attending a party at the UN I was introduced to “a colonial historian for the British Empire,” who even knew they had such things.

Over drinks, I mentioned Lydia’s story and asked him if there was any way he could check and confirm the story. We met the following day and I gave him a single page summary of what happened and the names and dates involved. I asked him to be discrete and he smiled. He told me he knew of incidents far more shocking than this.

About three months later, I received a call from him. He told me his life had been turned upside down. He confessed he thought Lydia’s story was just some odd mental breakdown, just a crazy woman telling a crazy story. I had to say, there was a part of me that wondered the same thing, except as she was going through the experience, it felt like you were there in the tent, you could almost smell the sweat and camel dung mixed with cinnamon and clove.

The historian then told me not only was everything true, but the incident had been buried. He’d opened one of the government archive boxes which were under seal until 2039, a hundred and fifty years after the incident. He said things like this were done to protect upper class families into their great grandchildren.

Resolving Needs in This Life

I called Lydia and had her come to my office, after hours to share a glass of wine and talk. She told me the pain in her back was completely gone. I explained what happened and that the historian had confirmed everything she’d said, everything she’d experienced.

She was silent for a long time. Then we began to talk. Our talk was mostly about the incident, but it ranged over a number of subjects.

Finally, in a very quiet voice, she told me she’d confessed to her husband. It turns out he had hired a private detective and number of years earlier. The detective’s job was apparently not to gather evidence for divorce, but to allow her painfully shy husband the opportunity to see himself cuckolded.

She asked if she and her husband could start couples therapy with me, but that is an entirely different story.

My Work in Past Life Regression

Since this time, I’ve had more than one hundred and fifty clients enter into past lives. In a few cases, it was planned we would look there, but in most, it seemed more like they fell into them without plan. I had met Dr, Brian Weiss, during my time at Columbia. I’d known of his work and about that time there were some papers about Sybil circulating. I was fascinated with the recording of near death experiences and was trying to fit all of this into my growing fascination with the human psyche, my spiritual beliefs, which while rejecting organized religion which seemed to be mainly a non-spiritual of people interested in power and control, were growing into relating much of what I was learning with physics and metaphysics, which many people find different, but I find very deeply interwoven.

Healing Your Past Heals Your Present

My current work is looking at healing your spirit itself. While everyone who has a near death experience, ends up “Going towards the Light,” it is very clear that our spirits remain intact and move from life to life.

They often meet up with the same group of spirits, though they do change sex and relative position or rank. Lately, much of my focus is in finding what lesson a spirit needed to learn in a past life, that might have been left undone. This is in the realm of “Dharma,” which most people see more like a straight “banking transaction.” I killed a man in a past life, so I need to be killed or suffer in this life.

I do not think it is at all like this, but that the spirit comes to this “world of illusion” to learn lessons and bring those lessons back to the Great All, the Collective Consciousness. This might be similar to the collected knowledge inside an encyclopedia, though obviously far vaster.

People always talk about how “This life is just an Illusion,” but I never see anyone, not even the wisest guru stepping in front of a speeding bus.

What I have discovered is great healing can happen in this life, by going back into your past life and working with your spirit “in that time and place.”

Your Intuition or Gut Feeling

So I am sure some of you responded to this story. It has caused a vibration deep inside you. You feel it is something you should do. And now you want to know, “How can I schedule hypnotherapeutic session to explore my past lives?”

The first step is to do all the FREE Sessions on our FREE Hypno page, then to sign up for at least four sets of the more advanced sessions in Paid Hypno. Once you have done those twenty sessions and the nine FREE Sessions, you have enough experience to go into deep trance and get the maximum benefit with the least amount of time and money.

No Guarantees, but a Promise

Past Life Regression is not guaranteed. Many people drop easily into past lives and some never do. I think those last people may have always lived and died without ‘unfinished business.’

If you have an unresolved issue in this lifetime, that will be what we clear up, but many will find those are cleared up by doing the full forty sessions in our Advance Session Series called Creating your Better Life.

Working With Me

I live in semi-retirement in Bali. I take on only ten clients per season. I schedule three sessions every two weeks and conduct our private sessions over Skype. Should you be accepted, I will give you a list of things every client is required to do. I have developed these protocols over decades of work, and find they are highly effective.

I look forward to hearing from you.

Doc MacIan, Bali